Artistic Expressions

Are you about to make a bad relationship choice? If so, follow the advice found in this poem and RUN! Click here to read Run, Black Girl! Run!
If you are feeling tempted to rush into marriage, you might find some reasons to slow down and take your time in the essay Taking My Time. Click here to read more.
Make sure that you Choose Wisely when choosing your life partner. If you don't, you may be in for a rollercoaster ride of misery. To learn more, click here.
Have you broken up with someone yet still feel the pull - at times - back towards that person that you've let go? We understand and encourage you to read Sometimes I Miss You.
Some people operate in the world 'head first' letting logic and reason be their primary guides. Others go through life 'heart first' and are strongly influenced by what they feel. When a 'feeler' and a 'thinker' are in a relationship, conflict can ensue if they don't communicate constructively and take the time to look at the world from the other's perspective. Read about it in the poem, From a Feeler to a Thinker.
Are you ready to be challenged? If so, read about how homophobia can be destructive for heterosexual marriages and damaging to those in need. It's all found in the poem Missed Opportunities or The Bible and the Bat.
Sometimes our trials in life are the means through which we obtain a unique and special relationship with God. Read about how a person born with a mental disability was blessed in glorious ways in the poem Simply Waiting.
Is there hope for a marriage ravaged by an affair and filled with despair? Yes! Read about it in the short story, The Shoe Shine Man.

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