From a Feeler to a Thinker

Speak to my mind and I agree
So speak to my heart and help me see
There's another level, another degree
To this situation, this reality.

Speak to my reason and I comprehend
So speak to my will, which will not bend
Until my emotions and my intellect
Find a place they can intersect.

To you logic is what makes sense.
To me what feels right takes precedence.
So if you want me to adopt your view
Speak in a way I can understand you.

Don't make me feel wrong for being unique
Instead let love guide how you speak
And know I'm not motivated to change
When what you make me feel is ashamed.

No, I can't walk in your path.
No, I can't stand in your way.
No, I can't change that I feel.
No, I can't change how I'm made.

God made thinkers and feelers.
God has use for us both.
When we seek to understand each other
It will lead to our mutual growth.

There are two angles to every picture.
There is never just one view.
And if we're going to walk in harmony
You've got to try to understand me, too.

Written by Michelle Stewart 8/25/97
© 2011 Michelle Stewart Thomas

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