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What you don�t know CAN hurt you. Don�t let your personal or professional relationships suffer for lack of knowledge. Let us help you become more skilled in communicating your goals, setting boundaries, balancing work and family life, connecting with others, or respecting diversity.

We work with individuals, couples, small groups and families as well as with businesses, schools and religious groups. Our goal is to equip people with the tools needed to interact more effectively. To learn more about our fees for educational services, please click here.

Courses Offered

We offer courses at our Monrovia site on a variety of topics. The courses last between 4 and 10 weeks, depending on the subject being taught. Some of the courses we teach are as following:

  • From Barriers to Bridges: A Communications Course
  • Healthily Ever After: A Marriage Prep Course
  • From Honeymoon to Troubled-So-Soon: A Course for Newlyweds
  • Conflict Resolution for Couples
  • Parenting
  • Anger Management

Tailored Lessons

When we work with you, we don�t just deliver a �canned� presentation. We meet with you and tailor our lessons to address the specific needs of your family, business, student group or religious group. Then, if you are a business, school, or religious institution, we will come to your site and deliver our life-changing information.

For Businesses

Do you want your workplace to be more productive? If so, consider having us conduct one of these workshops for you.

  • Diversity Training Workshop
  • Effective Communication Workshop
  • Leadership Development Workshop

For Schools

We offer six-week classes�either during school hours or after school�on a variety of topics geared towards helping children and teens make positive decisions. These classes can be taught as English-only classes or as bilingual (English/Spanish) classes. Two of our class offerings are as follows:

  • Managing Difficult Emotions
  • Making Healthy Choices

We can do presentations and workshops on any of the following:

  • Where Did the Time Go? A Time Management Workshop
  • More Valuable than Gold: A Self Esteem Enhancement Presentation
  • The Power of �No!� Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • The Problems with Perfectionism
  • Worth Saving: Suicide Prevention Presentation

For Religious Institutions

Does your religious institution have ministries for singles, married couples, or the recently divorced? If so, we are available to come to your church or join you on your retreat and provide you with a workshop or seminar on a variety of topics. Here are just a few options:

For Singles:

  • Is this the one? Identifying Mr. or Ms. Right-For-You

For Engaged Couples:

  • Start Strong, Stay Strong: A Workshop for Engaged Couples
    Note: This can also be an ongoing 6-week class.

For Married Couples:

  • Empowered Partners: How to be a Team Player in Marriage
  • Constructive Conflict: How to Become More United, Not Divided
  • Let�s Talk About It: Effective Communication for Couples

For Divorced Couples:

  • Recognizing and Overcoming the Breakup Blues

Caring for Clergy

Having ministries for singles, married couples and divorced individuals is great, but are they enough? How many religious institutions also provide support and encouragement for the one who perhaps needs it most of all�the pastor?

At the Relationship Repair and Care Clinic, Inc., we strive to assist those in the pews AND those in the pulpit. Not only do we have an entire health care program for pastors known as the Pastors Achieving Total Health (P.A.T.H.)� Program, we also come to churches and educate the congregation on how they can minister to their ministers.

  • Ministering to Ministers: Addressing the Health Care Needs of Clergy

The goal of this seminar is to help parishioners and lay leaders know what they can do to help their pastor and the pastor�s family stay strong and healthy�physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Sometimes it�s helpful to look at things from the pastor�s point of view.

For Individuals, Couples, Families & Small Groups

Any of the workshops, seminars or classes described above can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific situation. Let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

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