Our Mission

The Relationship Repair and Care Center is a nonprofit organization committed to providing affordable services to those who want to strengthen their relationships.

Our mission is to do the following:

R estore

If your relationship has lost something that is essential to its existence like trust, passion or purpose, we are here to help you reclaim what has been lost and rebuild what has been broken. Please don't lose hope; instead, get help. We are here for you.

E nhance

Why settle for a good relationship when you can have a great one? Let us share with you tools and techniques that will assist you in taking your relationship to the next level, so that both you and those with whom you relate feel more valued, vitalized and validated.

P romote

While we promote the Christian relational ethics of fidelity, mutuality, equality, honesty, consideration, sacrifice, and love, our goal is not to force our values, beliefs or practices on anyone. We believe in what we do and willing share what we think works with all those whose relationships need repair or care, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, family configuration or religious affiliation.

A uthentic

Have you ever felt that the one you love does not know or love the REAL you? Have you ever found yourself changing who you are in order to keep the peace or make someone else happy? If you can answer 'yes' to either of these questions, then your relationship is most likely experiencing a lack of authenticity that may eventually lead to stagnation, frustration, and separation. Please don't let that happen! Take control of your life and be the true person God created you to be. Let us encourage you on your journey to a real and healthy you that is connected to others in a real and healthy way.

I ntra- and Inter-personal

So many people want to improve their relationships with others yet neglect to work on their relationship with themselves. The two go hand-in-hand. We want to assist you in becoming a more self confident, emotionally equipped, healthy and whole person who builds relationships with other individuals who bring the same characteristics to the table.

R elationships

As human beings, we don't just want relationships with others, we need relationships with others. Our very survival depends on it, our emotional health flows from it, and our physical health is enhanced by it - when it's good. When our relationships with our family, friends and significant others or even our neighbors and co-workers are good, life is better. We are here to help you have that better life.

The life enhancing techniques we use are described below.

C ounseling and Groups

When we are troubled or confused, well-meaning family and friends often try to come to our rescue by offering advice or suggestions, but sometimes this just isn't enough, and our painful situation calls for professional assistance. The RRCC offers affordable, professional counseling for women, men, clergy, couples, adolescents, and families. We also offer educational support groups and group therapy. We would love to help you achieve your full potential for health and wholeness. To learn more about mental health services, click HERE or complete an Interest Form. To schedule an appointment, email us at [email protected], or call us at 626-622-2502. We are here for you.

A rtistic Expressions

Sometimes a poem or a painting, a short story or a reflection essay, a single song lyric or a complete sound track can give us a new perspective on life and can impact us in ways that nothing else can. For this reason, we use artistic expressions to communicate messages about the importance of walking in our God-given purpose, making healthy choices, finding satisfaction in singleness, over-coming challenges in life and marriage, recovering from a break-up, accepting our children or moving beyond prejudice and homophobia.

R esearch

Research is an important tool for understanding relationships. By doing research, we can ask and answer key questions that will help us better serve families in need of care and repair. To learn more about our current and upcoming research projects and how you might become involved, please click here.

E ducation

Too often relationships suffer because people lack critical knowledge that could help them make better choices. Through our use of workshops, seminars, training retreats and classroom instruction, we equip people with the tools to more effectively communicate their needs, establish their boundaries, balance their work and family life, and connect with others. To learn more about our educational services, please click here.

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